Thursday, December 17, 2009

Convey This or Translate This

This is only a copy!
Free Translation

I finally got a translator for my blog! Now those of you that might have a problem with reading my blog can now do it in your own language! Go over to the right side panel to see if...right under the flags of my followers.

OH, you want one for your blog?

I got it from ConveyThis. IT IS FREE for your website or blog. Translates 52 different languages. I love it! Please tell me what you think of it.

No, this was not solicited. I just have to share the good stuff. I knew there had to be one out there in blog land. The question way, how to find it. I found it on someone else's blog.

For you to get one for your blog, click on the posting title or anywhere you see ConveyThis.

Please feel free to access any of the tools I use to get to their origins so you too can enhance your blog.