Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a movie...want to read the book!

The movie is High Crimes. It stars Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, and James Cavezel. It's the story of a blissful couple trying to make a baby. He is making fruniture, she is an excellent lawyer. He gets grabbed up by the Marine cops and thrown into the brig. She comes to his defence. Problem: a first leuie Marine lawyer up against a high ranking Marine lawyer, and her without a good understanding military law. She needs help. Enter reputed atternaty (aka, Mr. Freeman). And how is this related to the opening scene in El Salvado with a bunch of dead natives? Ready! Set! GO! 'Cause it's not going to stop 'til the end. DH and I watched in HBO, almost burned dinner, we were so caught up!
High Crimes
Now I want to read the book . Turns out it has the same title and is by James Finder. And I can get both on! Now, where are those SwagBooks points!

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Anonymous said...

I have almost never wanted to read a book after watching the movie - mostly because I will probably spend the whole time wondering why something wasn't included in the movie or why they changed something.
Still, I watched High Crimes and think it would be an excellent book. Happy reading.