Sunday, July 18, 2010

Do you like Ian Fleming?

I have liked most all the movies based on his novels since I first saw Gold Finger while I was in high school. I had never read Ian Fleming, which of course Scottish born DH had. I didn't want to be left behind, so when I saw Quantum of Solace on special at, and read this publisher's summary, I had to get it. About 8.5 hours long, Quantum of Solace is a compilation of several short stories. I listened to one each night before sleeping. 
Narrator, Simon Vance, does a lovely job. 
While Mr. Bond might not indulge in the explosive activities of the movies, the stories are still very enjoyable . I won't tell you about each short story except to say, "I will probably indulge in more of Ian Fleming's writings." Translate the last comment: the book gets better than a "good" rating and I am glad I spent the money! 
I love the cover! 'Glad they didn't "modernize" it!

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Rebecca said...

My husband bought me "Quantum of Solace" and other Ian Flemming novels for Christmas of 2008. I enjoyed them a lot. (I had read some other James Bond novels before.) I thought the short stories had more "punch" and even gave some more clues to James' real character, especially "A View to a Kill."