Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh, dear!

This is not a good sign. It took 30 minutes to realize, I've heard this book before! 
I loved the narrator, Davina Porter. Her voice sounded age appropriate and the accent went along perfectly. So why hadn't I reviewed it? I know I listened to the whole thing,
Publisher's summary:

New York Times best-selling author Alexander McCall Smith has become a household name through his No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series. Now he continues his equally charming Isabel Dalhousie series with the third mystery starring the highly ethical, plucky protagonist.
Isabel's life is thrown for a few loops when her cousin Mimi arrives from Dallas with her husband Joe. Through Mimi and Joe, Isabel meets Texas hotshot Tom Bruce, who is about to marry someone Isabel suspects of gold-digging. Further complicating matters, Tom seems to have an unusual level of interest in Isabel. Meanwhile, Isabel has her own feelings to deal with, not to mention those of her beloved niece Cat, whose romantic interest may not be up to snuff.
It would all be quite a lot for one person to contend with if that person wasn't Isabel, who is always ready to apply her well-defended sense of ethics to any situation.
Sounds like a good read, right? Why didn't I review it earlier? Then it came to me...I just didn't know what to say!  ('not sure I do now.)
Let's try stream of consciousness:
I didn't hate the book. Could it be my expectation was too high? Yes! THAT'S IT. I had great expectations for a book that is just a nice, leisurely little life mystery. Looking at it from direction, it would have much appeal to a wide range of people. My problem is I wanted more. I expected it to pick up (which it didn't). So I was let down. 
As the saying goes, "It was not my cuppa tea.". But that doesn't mean it can't be yours, as long as you know what to expect. 
Giggle, I just didn't have "The Right Attitude to Rain"! ('sorry, I'll go back to reading now.)

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