Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i love the people i meet in ravelry!

feathersong is a lady i have been playing with in 'the herd'. today i went pocking around in her page and on her blog looking for something done with buffalo yarn.  what i found in her blog is a kindred soul who likes flora and fauna as much as i.  and photography....the difference being, she can get them out of her camera and into her blog! (ok, ok, i am working on it!) give her a visit. i will list her here and also in my list of blogs of friends. 

rmartin is a hoot...she saved me from suicide on the bsj i got into...what fun is there when the numbers just don't jive but somehow it is right! she is one of the few that stayed with me thru thick and thin...laughing when i needed it, and consoling me when i was ready to frog it all! o, and there are patterns there!  check it out!

have you met my friend, civilbitch, she is a very talented lady! she is a magnificent knitter who's projects you should see. i have included her blog site because i enjoy the mix she writes about. she enjoys so very may things which she so willingly shares.  in person, she is just as great...she was the first to share with me the joys of knit picks needles and magic loop.  

iffer, does instructions for socks for those of you wanting to see yet another set of instuctions... she is doing toes up...i watch and read every set of instructions i can find. some of us do need all the help i can find so do check her our. she does other stuff as well but this is what she's doing now that i need her for most!

suzanne i met at dfw fiberfest...she just has to be cool, she's another army brat! she now lives in georgetown, texas, is on the way to my mom's so i might just have to visit her if we ever can afford the gas! i had such a great time talking to her. i told her how much i enjoy watching spinners at work...soooo very soothing. she (great little sales lady) suggested i learn to get the added soothiness. no, not for me with my fixed ankles. o, yes, says she and starts demoing her mechanical loom! i love her humor and spark! she loves horses which counter acts her thing for cats! with horses you need a jack russel terrier! they are just as good at mousing!


Anonymous said...

Well, if that isn't motivation to add a few more posts now and then, I don't know what is!

Hannahbelle said...

I need to try some of that buffalo yarn myself, if I can ever afford it. I saw live buffalo during a trip to the badlands and I'm sure they're very warm and soft when all cleaned up.

Sue said...

I know what you mean about Ravelry - I'm spending WAY too much time browsing to see what people are knitting! Thanks for participating in my shop blog contest! Good luck!

benne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Sandy. I am behind posting lately. I must get away from ravelry and write a little more!