Sunday, June 22, 2008

i found it and i won some buffalo gold!

maybe winning the buffalo gold yarn (THANK ALL OF YOU WHO HELPED!) helped me find the pattern; which i just did! and i printed it and saved it to my desktop and will put it everywhere else i can!  it is a wonderful pattern found in NASHUA HANDKINT NATURAL FIBERS - CREATIVE DESIGNS ... CROPPED KIMONO DESIGNED BY SANDI ROSNER! you can see it in my projects list in ravelry.  i want to make one with my green yarn but i also want to make one with some wonderful possum yarn i was recently given...and figure out a way to trim it with the gold i got....or i will make an adult surprise jacket and use them both.  i am just so very glad i found the pattern again!  can i tell you a secret, i really want to stop the sox and jump to using the yarn!  shhhhh, don't tell him!

him is out finding more breaks in the sprinkler system that must be fixed. oscar is helping.(?) mysterypup is guarding me so i know when he comes in the back door.

i have to go now and answer the 100+ yahoo messages (do not know how that go so full!) and see what i missed in ravelry.

did i remember to thank everyone? i did? well, i just can't thank everyone enough to help me win some buffalo gold that i would not ever be able to have otherwise! and if you haven't been there...GO!



knittinwolf said...

Congrats on the Buffalo gold! Saw your post on Darcy's blog...good luck with your test. If its what I'm thinking it is, the day before is really trying! Tootles

Anonymous said...

You Won! Congratulations!
Sandra Singh

Duncks said...


Congratulations on you win!!!!

Vtknitboy said...

i'm so glad you won the BG! now, it's too hot down there in texas, you'll have to move up north! xoxo