Saturday, July 5, 2008

these were phoned in

this is the truth as the photos came off my cell phone. now to see if i can get them from the desktop to here! 

well, here is one.  this is baby bear in one of his favorite  poses...upside down!

as seen in the upper left, he is also an under cover puppy.  the is so much fun when in the middle of the night he decides to get under the covers with him.  oscar will start digging if he can't get under by himself, at which point, the dh cannot ignore him longer so will lift the covers and oscar scoots right on under. (o, for larger pictures, just click on them.)

well, i am having problems getting pictures to go where i want them so i will just add and tell you what they are about. sometimes oscar wilde wants to help me blog.

finally, a picture of our mystery puppy.  she is such a shy thing. it is had to get a good picture of her because she sort of blends into herself.


Sue said...

Those canine critters are too cute! Thanks for participating in my blog contest for July 4th!

Gigavere said...

So cute dogs!
And I'm happy for you, that you're adding photos here :)