Thursday, February 28, 2008

it's a new day

and I am feeling better.  'have been wondering around in ravelry  and having a blast look at others works of art, techniques, and wondering; when my head stops spinning' where will it land!  
Joy, another night of good sleep...I'm on my way...I know I'll be at the Texas caucus on the 4th. Voting done early.  I never knew so much about how we do things in Texas as I have learned this year.  Obama, like JDK, gives me hope and a desire to delve deeper into things because he says I can, I should, be an active participant if I want change and some politicial involvement and meeting others who are more involved, learning from them, this is a good thing.
Started reading a bit from  Knitting without tears...well, skipping around...found a watch cap Charlie has wanted forever!  Just have to learn the pattern (EZ says difficult but way important) well before I start as I want this project to be worn more than the others I have made for him that I would like to donate to good will but he won't let me!  Though he doesn't wear them, he still wants to keep them.  
Today I am going to start watching EZ Glossary for the first time.  This is just a preview as I have been told, repeats and pondering are necessary!
Gotta go...E Z movie time!!!

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