Saturday, February 23, 2008


got up early, read mail, checked out the groups i got into last night, or wanted to, ate breadfast, got dress, went to house party for obama...then we all went to early vote, tried to check out a new doggie one home until 4 but i think it might be a doggie day care.  wonder if a couple of days there would help mysy go further in the comfort level with other dogs and new people.  puppy school is helping but it's over this week.  did get 4 rows done at house party and thank god, found some other people in my precint.  yes, people, there a some democrats in tx!  SURPRISE!  ok, now's the time to check mail one more time and then i'm putting this evil thing down...i keep finding groups chock full of interesting stuff!!

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Positive Artists said...

Hey, it's great that you have a blog! You are such a talented, thoughtful, wise, kind, thrifty, helpful, trustworthy and loyal person.
I'll look forward to reading your postings.
John, the San Diego Art Nut