Friday, February 29, 2008

early day

Alarm at 6am, take meds, now awake. So, what to do, get on computer and catch up on mail.  Lisa, my friendly butterfly, has talked me into joining the Knitty Gritty group who are knitting the surprise baby jacket by EZ.  I want to do a larger (adult) size but am thinking about doing the baby size for practice as reading the pattern, I am finding areas of confusion.  Of course then I have to find out if any of the great, great nephews are of the right size or hold it until there is a new baby on the rise that will eventually be able to wear it!  I do have some chunky red, blue and yellow yarn that was intended to be an afgan that never happened (had great idea, loved the yarn...really crayon colors...see what I mean, just an excuse to buy the yarn which was on sale).  Well, I'll think about it while going to and waiting for dr.  Large (might fit me or mom) or small (would have to wait and see if baby could wear or hold for new baby), that is the practice or go for it...well, I gotta get dressed for dr so I better stop mucking around here.  Will make decision later...

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