Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tea time anyone?

OK, you guys know I love tea! OK, maybe if you don't know me on FaceBook or Twitter, you didn't. Anyway, I not only enjoy tea but I have a "thing" about things that go with tea. I even have a collection of tea pots. Not a big collection because I am picky. Not only must they appeal to me visually but they must, MUST be functional. I was once gifted with a truly lovely teapot. The problem was it tended to put an equal quantity of tea out side the cup as it did inside the cup. It did it every single time! 'Didn't even matter the tea level in it! 

There is another reason my collection is small...$. I imagine this effects the collections of many folk. I also imagine they, like me, are not stopped when they see objects they would thing about adding if not so restricted. 

While reading my email from Teavana, I saw some new Chinese cast iron teapot sets that just took my breath away! 
I must pause for a disclaimer: If I could have posted a picture in FaceBook, this posting would not have occurred as I could have shared the beauty I found. Also 'share FaceBook' let me down!  So I stole a picture from Teavana's website so I could share!

There were others of different colors. Some more elaborate. But this, ah, this just reached out to me! If I had money to fling about, I would have to check out it's functionality but it definitely wins on one of my criteria!  

O, you mustn't think Teavana gears it's pots and sets only to the 'flush'! They do not! It's just line of cast iron pots...I want to share! But seriously, if you are a tea sipper and want to share a 'cuppa' (as DH's friends would say) or some klutz just destroyed your last or you are a collector, this is one of my places to shop (if only 'window shopping')! 

Yes, I do like their teas (plural because they have lots)!

A disclosure? No. This was truly unsolicited! I'm just a tea junky who is also an enabler! Sometime in the near future, I will share some of my favorite teas and places but not now! My cup is empty!

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