Friday, September 10, 2010

About time!

So reading my email of other people's blog postings, I came across one that was showing off a coffee tables from All Coffee bane of my wheelchair! But being the nosey little critter I am, I wondered over to CSN and some how ended up look at end tables. This one stuck my eye! No wonder it is a top seller!
Isn't it beautiful! ('comes in different woods if you aren't as in love with the cherry much as I). What really caught my eye is the little pull-out tray to hold cups or glasses which seems to have a covering that would protect it from water marks! I really dislike water marks on wood (which are so prevalent on my inherited end tables from my father)!  With that handy-dandy shelf, you just have to train house inhabitants to use the shelf and not the top! Beauty and function! Works for me! 

And then there is that lovely door underneath (could be a good storage place for my yarn or some of those books from my overcrowded book shelves)!

If they like my posting, I could get a discount on my next order from CSN! They appreciate postings.


Anonymous said...

Oh this does sound like a good one.

TheEclecticElement said...

I LOVE CSN stores :)
They have such wonderful things to offer-And this table is definitely beautiful xD