Tuesday, July 6, 2010


No kidding! It has become adictive! Not only have a found some really interesting dead relatives, I have gotten to meet some that are very much alive! We have shared pictures and stories and, boy, are they helpful! The other thing that is nice is finding out just how large our family is.  As an Army Brat, we traveled a lot...and not toward were the extended family were....so, for me, they did not exist...except for my father's father and his aunt. I didn't know until my dad died that my father's mother was one of 3 or that his dad was from like 8. Until I got onto Ancestry, I didn't know how to reach out and find out about them.  AND THE STORIES! I love the stories! It's like history comes to life because I'm meeting people who were creating it. I love when I find pictures. Wait! Let me find one to share! Then I must move on to more homework!

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