Sunday, June 27, 2010

Easy Sweet Potato Recipe

Do you only eat sweet potatoes on holidays?  And then eat the kind that are baked, smashed up with lots of butter and pecans, then put into a dish, covered with marshmallows and then baked until they are hot and the marshmallows are melted and toasted brown.  Now you either eat them and eat too much, or don't touch them because you know the sugar shock will get you.
Well, my darling readers, I came up with a wonderful recipe that you will love. I don't know how to do calorie count on either but I will bet you mine is a whale of a lot less!  And it's easy!
The recipe was just for the 2 of  us so you have to adapt it for more:
1 fairly large sweet potato
1 naval orange
Bake the potato.
When done, peel it and put into a sauce pan with the zest and juice of the orange and mash it all up together. Warm it up and serve.
It's sweet but not very and the zest adds flavor and just a touch of tartness.


Michelle Moran said...

This looks DELICIOUS! Thank you :)

Sharon said...

Sounds yummy and sweet potatoes are good for you!

Alyce said...

I like to do something kind of like that, except I don't mash the potatoes, I slice them into discs. I am one of those that loves the sugar though, so I heap mine with brown sugar and microwave it until the sugar melts.

Yours does sound much healthier though. :)