Monday, May 17, 2010

Is there anything as good as book in the hand?

Why yes, there is! A book that is in an audio format! Because you can take it with you while driving or when you need to multitask or when you want someone to tell you a story before you go to sleep (blame the last one on my parents).  So naturally, when Jen of Jen's Book Talk emailed me of winning I, Alex Cross (unabridged even) by James Patterson, I was indeed a happy camper.  
Ah, did you notice that I said "unabridged even"?  Is that important? Absolutely! If I was going to read hard copy, I would not want to read an abridged version, so why would I want to listen to an abridged version?!?  Have I ever listened to an abridged book? Yes. Was I satisfied? No. 
I read/listen to books to enjoy them, not to just get through them. I don't want to be a "check it off" story consumer. Also, sometimes the person doing the abridging leaves out flavor or content that makes the story feel choppy or leaves you more confused that was intended by the writer. Think of a baked potato you can't smell and is without butter. 
I, Alex Cross [Unabridged 6-CD Set] (AUDIO CD/AUDIO BOOK)
This cd set is currently in my pile of tbl.  When it reaches the top and has been listened to, I will tell you all about it!  Meanwhile, if you are thinking about audio versions of book, think unabridged.  And if you are thinking about bloggers with good reviews and give aways, think Jen of Jen's Book Talk!  

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