Sunday, September 27, 2009

They are talking to me

Audible books, that is. I had 3 credits burning a hole in my brain. The problem is not one of lack on inspiration. The problem is which to chose. After much deliberation, I picked out these:
That's one memoir, one historical fiction, one satirical, modern novel. See face of contentment (sigh)


Alexia561 said...

Looking forward to seeing what you think of these three. I know that Craig Ferguson is really funny, but I'm not familiar with the other two. Enjoy! :)

zquilts said...

Gosh ! I am neve rable to have any Audible credits burn a hole in my proverbial pocket! They day they are issued they are in my IPod. My selections are always in my basket waiting! You will LOVE the Chadwick book .. and I;ve not heard about the others so will look forward to your impressions !


alexia561, the greatest knight has gotten such rave reviews, i had to get it as i love historical fiction. christopher buckley is the son of william f. i have heard c. buckley speak and thought, if this is anything like the way he is else where, it should be good.

zquilts, normally i would be in the same place BUT i knew c.f. was recording his book and so i held off until it came into audiobooks...thought it might take more than 1...but it didn't!