Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do you need a new car but think you might need help?

I hate buying new vehicles. I am never sure if I am doing this right! So what's a woman to do when she know she is out of her league?

My friends, it is time to introduce you to my friend, Gail Dunn. But first, you need a bit of background.

Gail and I graduated from Fort Knox High School, Fort Knox (KENTUCKY) back in...never mind...let's just say, it wasn't yesterday. After many moons, we caught up with each other through other high school friends who wanted to reunite (you can't image what that is like for army brats). And then, come to find out, she is smart in an area where I have admitted ignorance.

Gail is the President of Women's Automotive Connection. This is what is posted on the WAC site:
Gail Dunn
Gail Dunn, President

Well, that didn't work (except for the picture). Now for plan B, click here and it will take you to what I was going to post.

When I found out what she was doing, my first thought was: "YEA, finally, someone I can trust to give me good advice who I know I can trust!"

How can I say that after all these years?

Because she was brought up the same way I was. It's an honor thing, a caring thing, that you have by the time you graduate or you don't. She did. (Some of us are just stubborn that way.)

So, summation: if you are concerned, ask Gail questions. She is still the nice, caring, smart lady she was "back when". Her blog as lots of good tips!

Don't let the salesmen get you crazy!