Friday, May 29, 2009

pictures + critters = awwww!

thank you for saving me and my babies!
a roll in the snow is so much fun
yes we are the stars on animal planet
thanks for the new litter box...that other one was really too big!
i'm not danger now but try this in the future....
this chair is too small
mommy said to wash my hand and face before dinner
small ball in the corner pocket
what can i do, they think i am their mommy
why me!!!
new game, the bunny clap
my, what big eyes you havewe get by with a little help from our friends
i was so hungry. so full. neee sleeeepppp.....
hey, he goes faster than i do!
yawn...i am soooo tired.
would you stop following me, i have cat friends!!
remember what i look like now and you will never want to turn me into easter dinner
he is so loving, i just had to stay...great snuggler
no, no, i'm safe, i won't fall off
we are the mask marauders!
i am so shy! i pray a lot! they say you should cover your mouth and nose when sneesing

and now i am going to beat you again. lovely lady


Melody said...

Get me some lip balm cuz I'm gonna kiss them all!

Lotusknits said...

AWWWW! Cutest pictures ever!

thibeaux1369 said...

soooooo cute!