Friday, August 15, 2008

trains planes and automobiles

saturn blew another thingy ... back to the borrowed heater until it's fixed. ok, i am having a whiny day! live with it! 

but my dogs like me...oscar came and tried to help me type...doesn't work well. he generally confuses everything and i have to start over. i am safe right now as he is helping charlie fix the car.  

mysy just came in for a drink and a cuddle.  she doesn't try to type, just curls up for a nap and woofs when dh comes in or any other noise sounds suspicious! do you know how loud a 55 lb dog woofs!!! but she is my singing buddy so i best not make too many comments.

enough messing around...must finish getting thru emails and back to tinking (unknitting) 16 screwed up rows on those bloody socks!

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