Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Who was that person...

I think I was blogging in my sleep! Then I feel asleep. Woke up a couple of hours later, thought it was afternoon. Computed away before starting to count my stitches. Count did not come out right so started thing I knew, it as 3 p.m.! So maybe when we really need sleep we should count lots of stitches (don't try to knit, or you could end up on mid row) instead of sheep!

Let's see. Ate, drank, sorted laundry, called Dr., can I knit now? No, one more business call, then you can knit the rest of the day.

Tomorrow is PT and then if I have been a really good girl and we don't get lost, Shabby Sheep time. It is just a weee bit of our beaten path to home but.... Well, if there is a yarn shop close to you or you routine, don't you just have to go visit???? I mean a real knitting shop, not just a craft store???!!! I mean all the others I have to go out of my way, but this???? And the reports of the store and people are great.

Him, the Chauffer has said he will be Keeper of the wallet (credit cards and money) before we enter! Says visiting is ok but yarn level must go down and there are enough patters and needles for god knows how many people to work! It's hard to be good but I will try and let you know how I did tomorrow!

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