Friday, March 7, 2008

Wheelchair knitting...

Ok, you have a knitting bag but it's on its own wheels. You have your MIL's but it has a wooden handle which won't fit. Ahhhh. Recycle. Take one of those plastic bags your DH brought home and use it....lovely idea, it's waterproof, not quite long enough to drag on the wheel. Has it's own nicely enlarged handles. Ok, so you don't transfer to the comfy seat is comfy enough and the arms are really set better for knitting and you don't have to put it on the seat beside you where the dogs want to lie or on the floor where you have to almost fall out of the chair to reach. Yes, and it's good for on the go as you can knit in all those long lines or long speeches. What a deal! And "they" feel sorry for me? Ha. They have to stand around sifting from leg to leg, holding coats (mine go over the back of the chair...and twittle their thumbs while I am constructive and happy....oh, works well at doc's office or any other place where "hurry up and wait" is the order of the day!

I used to knit in the car until Oscar decide he had to see and either sit on my shoulder (dog who thinks he is a parrot?) or under my right arm on the arm rest. Either way, knitting is OUT if he is in the car.

May you have a better, better day!!!

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