Monday, July 28, 2014


But cannot bake them if I want to just have one! You know I can't be trusted with a pan of freshly baked ones! I used to bake them for the boys after the teen club closed and the guys came of to info about teen aged girls. Sometimes I just dusted the brownies with confection sugar. Sometimes I laid thin slices of cheddar cheese on them while still warm. Both were inhaled. 

Today I was searching through Diane Kidman's blog for post she did years ago when I came across her recipe for NO BAKE BROWNIES. Now I know she is into good health so I had to stop and check it out! All I can say is, SOMEONE MAKE UP THIS RECIPE AND BRING IT TO ME! I don't want to wait until they free me from here!!!

FYI: Click on the recipe title in the paragraph above to get there ASAP!

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