Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trip Time!

If you have followed my for any time, you know how I love to take vicarious trips via my friends. Sometime the trips are just snaps....ok, most times...so this time it is a special trip to the California coast. Special? You bet 'cha! The pictures are spectacular! And they are in video mode! And the video is set to music!!! A wonderful photographer from Dunsworth Studios took the pictures which the graphic artist put together with music!!

Huh? You get the excitement of pictures set to music but why all the exclamations?

Ok, I have been working on Ancestry.com for quite a while. One of the people who has shared our common family members (we are cousins on my father's side) is Ms. Louise Ross-Martinez who was not only the graphic artist on this project but has also done one on our family! Now I ask you, how cool is that?!? (More on putting family on video later.)

Now my friends, grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and take a trip with me (and Louise and Jeannie) on a coastal ride on the California Coast!


Louise Ross-Martinez said...

Thanks Cuz, I appreciate the kudos. If anyone would like to see more of my videos or Jean Dunsworth's photos, please visit www.DunsworthStudios.com. The videos are under Video Gallery. If you would like to have me do a video of your family history, vacation, wedding or anniversary or as a tribute to a family elder, please feel free to contact me at tangledbranches@comcast.net

Jeannie said...

Thanks for putting my pics on your blog sweetie. Anyone wanting to see more can visit my website www.dunsworthstudios.com where Louise also has a gallery showcasing her video talents, its a must see.