Monday, October 4, 2010

Agatha Christie Marathon

Ok, I know it looks like I've been off books. But it is not true! We have been listening to lots of shorts by Agatha Christie from

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding (Dramatised) 44:17
After the Funeral (Dramatised)    1:27:20
The Blood-Stained Pavement (Unabridged)    22:52       
Cards on the Table (Dramatised)  1:27:28     
Endless Night (Dramatised)    57:19     
The Golden Ball (Unabridged)   22:19     
The Gypsy (Dramatised)   27:46     
Hallowe'en Party (Dramatised)   1:27:39   
The Herb of Death (Unabridged)  30:48   
The Market Basing Mystery (Unabridged)  20:26   
The Plymouth Express (Unabridged)  30:23   
Sleeping Murder (Dramatised)    1:27:05  
The Thumb Mark of St. Peter (Unabridged)   28:43
The Tuesday Night Club (Unabridged)  27:34
The Wasp's Nest (Unabridged)  20:36

All but one we really enjoyed. "Endless Night" just didn't seem to match up as well as the others and I am sorry to say I can't tell you why. It wasn't bad, it just was not as good as the others.  But the prices were right for a wee splurge. 

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