Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ah, Audible.com, I love ya!

The Heir

Ah, Audible.com, I love ya! Thank you for this offering!

OK, Duncan (The Heir) is a bit 'dour' as he arrives (unwillingly) in England from his beloved Scotland. Sabrina is charming (the girl next door with 'scandal' in her past). Ophelia (the beauty of 'coming out' season) is a snot...sorry, I meant snob. Two grandfathers (one English, one Scottish) want their heir to hurry up and marry and produce heirs for each of them.

Mix them all together and you have a great recipe for fun especially if the writer (Johanna Lindsey) can handle witty dialog well (she did). If you are listening, all that's left is a really good narrator (Laural Merlington, she is).

This was a delight from a time when arranged marriages were important in society. I enjoyed every minute!

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