Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's your story?

What got you started tracing your family history? This was the question Ancestry.com asked in FaceBook.

After my mom, I will be the oldest of the "Vaughan Family" she and my dad started. So while she is still around, while I am still around, I want something to pass on to the kids of the family who someday might want to see the branches and leaves of the tree and even share it with others to come.

Are other benefits? (She asks herself?)

Oh yes! If I have searched some of this correctly, I have found some historical people I have read about in some of the historical books I have read...makes the reading even more fun.

And the pictures other people have found of some of our relations are great! Stories, too! I've even gotten to meet a couple of them who have help me in my searches. Unlike the kids we just had each other, Aunt Ruby and Granddaddy. I was really too young to remember my mom's dad. I never met either of my grandmothers.  The kids, that generation after my sisters and I, do have each other as do their kids...so many the same ages. It's great they will have stories to share as well as time. I just hope their enjoy this tree with pictures and stories as well as I have the research.


Anonymous said...

Gotta ask. Who is the coolest ancestry or oddest you've discovered?


some day i have to do a posting on my great aunt ruby...she was something else...and i do mean something else. ok, further out...how about some one who had to change his name and get onto the first available ship out of england before the crown could catch up on him. and then the cromwell family...they were a fun group...have you read wolf hall???