Thursday, August 12, 2010

Think of a Number

Think of a Number: A Novel
I was going to wait and then I had credits and then I could not wait! I wanted it! I got it!

You guys know I don't get abridged books because it be like reading the cliff notes of a book.

George Newburn read it to me (I'll let him read to me any time!).

Victims are asked to think of a number. If the number is the same as enclosed, send a check to an address. Later the recipient is asked to think of another number and then check the mail to see if the sender has once more written down the same number. Soon after the second guess, we have a victim of murder. Our retired cop gets involved when a nervous school mate of old ends up as the first victim. The x-cop can't get away from the case...quilt or the the need to solve the mystery? Thus the story continues. Can the mastermind continue to out wit the cop and cops (you)?

The clues are there. See if you can get there first! It's great fun!


Anonymous said...

I never understood the need for an abridged audio book. Once, I picked one up. This was before I understood the true meaning. The experience was horrible!


Yea! I'm not the only one!!!