Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oscar Wild needs a new bed

I think I found the right one, too. It's smaller the one my mom gave Mystery Puppy which means it will take up less  floor space. It looks like a great bed for under cover puppies like our Oscar Wild! The old bed has become rather shop worn, I may have to cut it up a bit of the old one to make a sort of bottom cover so Oscar will know it's for him.

What? 'sorry....I got a bit ahead of myself, CSN  Stores liked my chat about the dinning room tables (though I've yet figured out which is my final choice) and, to say thank you, they have asked what I would like as a thank you gift.  So off I went...and there is was! A nice wee bed of his own, complete with its own hiding whole but still with a view of all about him. Isn't it lovely? Squint your eyes and think of it in Black Watch Plaid. There were other beds, some even for kitties too, but this is the one I kept coming back to!

If you too are needing to find a new bed because the aged one is about give it up, go look here for all the great choices!

What a lovely place to shop for those who are home bound.
Snoozer Cozy Cave Pet Bed in Poly Cotton - 87 - X

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Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

That's a nice looking dog bed! Our dog didn't want anything to do with her soft bed we got her for Christmas. She prefers the floor.