Friday, August 6, 2010

High horse time

I don't often get on it but some times, I just have to do it! They (media) say we can't talk about it, but I just don't understand why we can't. My friends agree with me (some times) and disagree with me (some times). But that's what makes us friends. Our love for each other enables us to hear each other even when in conflict. We challenge each other's thinking.

I have friends who do not believe in abortion. I understand their position and respect their position. I, for various reasons, disagree and they understand my reasons and still accept me. 

I especially believe it in cases of rape, incest, and/or where the life of the mother is endangered.  In the first 2, I really feel it is punishing a girl/woman for something they could not control. In the last, well, I've been there and it was awful! My doctor called me to talk to me and my husband. She had talked with my other doctors (4) before we arrived to tell us that I who was told she was sterile was pregnant . It was way could/should I carry the pregnancy. With C. being Scottish, it upped the odds of a mother born with spina bifida having a child with the same birth defect from 50% to 75% and that didn't begin to cover other problems the baby might have as I was past my mid 50s. And that was only if I lived. C doesn't even understand little kids any less babies. I am very careful about choosing doctors and therefore respect their opinions. C and I talked long and hard before I made my decision. Because of all the abdominal surgeries I had had, it couldn't be done the easy way. It would be major surgery. So I made the other hard decision. I could never go through this again. While doing the DNC, the doctor would also tie my tubes. 

Who was there to visit me after the surgery while I dealt with a major stitch infection but a friend who disagrees with me but loved me enough to accept my decision. 

So I get sort of bent out of shape when people running for office want to take us back to the way women were treated in the 50s. The one thing I really got from my 12th grade government teacher was a definition of's the ability to swing as far and wide as you want without bumping into those of someone else.

I feel better having gotten that out of my system. PLEASE feel free to disagree with me! I will love you anyway! 


bridget3420 said...

I don't think I could have an abortion but I've never had to make that decision, so I don't really know what I would or wouldn't do. The only reason I say that I don't think I would is because I've had a couple of "pregnancy scares" and never once thought about terminating the pregnancy or anything, I was ready to turn my life around and be a good mother. (Luckily though, I wasn't pregnant). I'm not the type of person to judge for any reason whatsoever. I think a lot of people try to say, "I would never do that" but until you're actually in that situation, you don't have a clue as to what you would really do. I think it's great that you put yourself out there, especially on such a touchy subject. I have some medical problems as well and that's why I haven't had children. I don't want them suffering the way I do. So instead, I spoil my nephews rotten:)


Your point it well taken. Until you have been in the position yourself, it is so hard to know what you would do. Based on my experience, I cannot even imagine what the victim of rape or incest might go through! I have known victims who have opted to keep the pregnancy as well as those who have also carry on. I must support both. For anyone else to stand in their way is rude...and arrogant! For any man to impose upon those decisions, I find even more than arrogant!

'sorry...I thought I was off that horse!