Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why are my eyeballs still in my head?

I have been up well over 24 hours.  I started working on cleaning up my file. And then the AC went out....North Texas without AC...pant, pant!  Even if I had wanted to sleep, the heat was not going to let me get comfortable.  Ancestry kept me occupied. This afternoon, DH (the mechanical engineer) fixed the AC!  I thought I would take a nap....but then I was afraid I would wake up and not be able to go to sleep at a reasonable time.  So Ancestry and I worked on and on and on. 
Do I have it all fixed?  
Rats! Every time I think I am close, there I go off on a trail of a family line and the next thing I know, I am lost again!
It's frustrating but so much fun at the same why did one of my relatives roam around Texas with a passel of kids? 
Why did another change their last name?
Well, the clock on the wall says to close it down and go to sleep without even checking my mail or FaceBook or even Twitter.
Pick your jaws back up and stop laughing at me! 
'night all!

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