Wednesday, May 20, 2009

let's go to germany!

we went to scotland, now go to germany with i would rather be knitting. she is my wondering school teacher with great stories and pictures. well, she is in germany but the posting is referencing her stay in italy.

it is fun, if you have a while, to go back as far as you can on the global hopping, reading her adventures and seeing the sites with her. so if you just want to get a way for a while on a warm, tiring afternoon, go along, travel in the most relaxing way!


iwouldratherbeknitting said...

Ah gee, I'd like to thank the acadamey, my friends, and my blog readers... for this special award.

Oh and my HS English teacher who would read my reports outloud to the class as (now that I'm a teacher) I realize were... examples for the other students... to write more than the most simple sentences that certainly did not paint a picture with their selected words...

but, of course at the time.. her reading and laughing while she read what I wrote.. just embarrased that shy girl.. who tried to melt into her chair.. you know the kind.. w/ the desk attached to one side?

All kidding aside.. thank you so much HODGEPODGESPV for mentioning my blog in your blog.

AND as a bonus country visit.. I used to live in Seoul, South Korea so if you look at the postings from Oct 07- June 08.. you'll see lots of funny stories and postings about life in Asia.


and she's not whistling dixie folks!