Tuesday, September 8, 2009

poor dh

this is the way it started.

him: the water heat has a leak.

me: can you fix it?

him (a couple of days later): well, i tried every thing i can think of. looks like we need a new water heater.

me: damn it. this will be the 3rd one we have put in since we got the house.

me (after doing some thinking): honey, can you find us an electric green water heater for the same price as a regular one would cost? i looked for one and all i can find are gas ones.

him (later): i found one.

me: then let's get it. how much is the installation going to cost on top of that?

him: nothing. (chest sticks out) i can do it.

(see a happy camper)

UNTIL he has every thing set up for the power to be cut off tomorrow and runs into something we have found with other wiring bits in the house.

me: i told you before and i will tell you again, the guy that wired this house were drunk and on dope and they must have shared it with the inspector or how the hell would it be this way?!?!?

(the was my comment when he told about a problem he found pulling cable and doing whatever else in the attic, only a mess that he said had to be fixed as it wasn't "up to code". now the guy is supposed to come tom...scratch that, today (sometime in the a.m.) to turn off the power. problem, this is a holiday so there is no way to stop him. so dh is trying feverishly to get thing finished up tonight. my thought, we call them at 0800 to say "houston, we have a problem" so come another day. but he wants to be ready for tomorrow, soo...

so far, he has come in twice to have me sterile wounds in his hand, a his head.

i think the next "honey due" should not be one that requires other people going poof and appearing on our doorstep. oscar has been none too happy with him in the attic either...just sits and stares up into the attic until dh come down.

the good news is that we may get a tax credit for it (going green) and it should bring down the utility bills and there will be more space in the utility room.)

at the sound of the gong it will be 0100 (1 a.m.)

oh, did i happen to ever mention we are in texas? and have you figured out that dh is filthy? do you remember that the water heater while installed, has no power yet as the new junction box has to be connected after the power is turned off tomorrow, then dh's work has to be inspected, and then the guy has to come back to turn the power back on? will you pray for a really cool day tomorrow?


zquilts said...

Oh No! Texas, dirt, heat, cold water? arghhhhhh!!! Ii gues there was always a hose to 'freshen up' right?! Hope all is wired and working now !

TheEclecticElement said...

Hopefully all goes well!! AND today is a relatively cool day for you guys =]