Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spirit of the Snake by Mark Engerbretson

This is what author Mark Engerbretson has to say about his book:

Spirit of the Snake is the story of Buck Landers, a Civil War veteran who leaves Tennessee for Texas after four long years of death, having seen and done too much.

He has become cold, hard and calloused, the lines of age crossing his young face. In Texas, he meets a young lady, one who offers the promise of a future. But she loses her life to men of no morals, no conscience and Landers is left to die.

He recovers and pursues the men to exact his revenge and become known as a gunfighter. The memory of his loss haunts him, but an encounter with thieves, a snake bite and the curative powers of an Indian medicine man change his life forever, allowing him to break from the past.

The history of North Central Texas is one of great danger and great opportunity – Landers sees much of it.
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This is the second book to be published ... the first was The Golden Amulet, a western with a little different twist. Published by Unlimited Publishing, it is available on Amazon and
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I have one problem with this book. It needs a map at the front of the book. Why? Because I kept having to pull up maps on my computer and some folk might not have one close by. You see, this book is based on reality of locations. (I went to school in Denton and almost froze to death at Possum Kingdom when a blue northern blew through.)

Other than that, I loved this book. I think it would appeal to any body who loves westerns or is interested in what it was like in Texas after the civil war. Our hero meets friendly Indians, Texas Police (the Texas Rangers had not reformed yet), simple people trying to survive, "polecats and skunks", historical ranchers who had to deal with cattle rustlers as well as waring Indians, and the terrain with its weather. Or those who just want to read a good cowboy yarn, go pick up this book. You'll like the different characters as well the different situations they find themselves in. (If you are as curious as I, you'll want to have a map handy and check out the Indians and some of the folks he references.)

I want now to read his first book and hope he comes out with the next one soon. It's fun to read a Texas tail by a Texan!


Dannie said...

Good review!

brknhrt said...

Nice review. I like when they add maps too.