Tuesday, June 16, 2009

knitting jewelry?

kintters love dual purpose jewelry. a ravelry friend introduced me a new piece via a give away (no, i did not win). leslie wind is a knitter, a crocheter, and a maker of great jewelry!

but i had to show it to you. isn't i beautiful? this is it:

Cable Needle Necklaces™

The Heart Cable Needle Necklace™ measure about 2" high by about 2 1/2 wide. The sterling heart is slightly less than an inch including the loop for hanging.

The Sheep and The Cat measure aprox. 2" long X 2 1/2" wide. The sheep and cat are sterling and cut out by hand so each is unique. The needle is bronze and is between a #2 and #3 size due to the hammering.

Engraving of a short message on the back is free. Each Cable Needle Necklace™ comes with its own silk pouch and a 36" black leather cord.

i love this...and if you want to give me a present... (how's that for a subtle hint). i promise to do nothing that does not have cables in it!

so where can you find it? here

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thibeaux1369 said...

wow - that is both lovely and smart!