Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I won a bracelet

UPDATE: o my. readers this bracelet is even prettier than the picture! the pink is really more mauvey and it fits so well. that little leaf make the clasp almost disappear. so wendi winn and musettemade, many many thanks and i will be visiting you both!

look at what i won!!! isn't it beautiful??? it was her "giveaway 9". o, who is her? it's wendi winn! go see what she is going to do next.

o, and if you think this is as pretty as i do, go visit musettemade. it is from her etsy store. just click on her name and you can go see all her pretties!

yep, they both are my "greatest american heros".

see this gorgeous bracelet. you like it. i know you do. well. i'm about to be your greatest american hero because...


junior_goddess said...

YAY! That's pretty!


my bracelet arrived and it is prettier than the picture. the bronze is darker as are the beads are darker...mauveer. the lovely leaf hangs well and sort of makes the clasp invisible. i know i will enjoy it for some time.