Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i am in deep water!!!

you don't know how wonderful it is to be in deep water again! i don't care what i am doing as long as i am there!!! it has been so very long! of course my pt had to weight my feet down in the pool... i float like a bloody cork! 

fear of falling (instilled by the ot at the nursing home) has me banned from the bathtub for about 5 years...pools, lakes, etc as well! 

you understand that i was one who was short enough to float in the older type bathtubs, who loved bubbles, bath salts, who would stay in the bath until the water got all cold and scummy. so the pool is...pick a word!!!  WAAHOOO...WATER...LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER!!

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oldladybishop said...

It must be a wonderful feeling. So many of us forget to enjoy the little things because we have never lost them. I bet you're a little dickens in your little red wheelchair.