Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a v8 moment!

i know my sox needles are not the littlest by far! but if you look back, you will see that yarn is DARK! i am trying to do a wrap and turn heel (for nonknitters or nonsock knitters, i've learned to follow it but don't ask me to explain it! better you should watch this youtube video.). "learned" is rather a loose term here. "learning" would be a much better term. for those of you who have struggled with this one, i have figured out a v8 moment.  

i could not see if i had really done the wrap as my yarn is not as big as in the youtube demo. or as light! after ripping it back and starting over (because i was unsure or thought i had not done the wrap.) i finally did the wrap, placed a stitch marker, knitted to the next one needed, did the wrap, placed the stitch marker and carried on. 

placing the markers prevents you from making too many wraps (like i did) or not enough wraps (like i did)! it also helps when you go to unwap as you cannot skip a wrap when you go to picing up stitches. 

fiddly, you bet! save on eyesight and sanity, YOU BET!  

try it or suggest it to others. may help the person, the sanity, the eyesight, and prevent lots of undo ripping! also might get some people, who don't do this type of heel, to stick with it a bit longer before only doing a different heel type. 

at my group knitting last night, no one at the table does this type of heel. i think it is easy now that i figured out my little trick!

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Vtknitboy said...

my first one i did with black yarn too! i had to hold it up to a light to see the dang wraps! some people put a safety pin through the wrap. then, use it to LIFT the wraps over the stitch to the public side. easy as pie!