Friday, July 25, 2008

but i want it

but i can't afford it! but it is so beautiful! but i can't afford it! but it is so useful! but i can't afford it! but it would be so handy! but i can't afford it! 

what?! o, right, you don't have a clue what i am taking about. ok. go here. then see if you don't start having the same internal debate! some of you may not but i do know some of you right well and you guys will be debating!

well, did you go? what do you think? was i right? aren't they lovely! and most people will not have a clue what they are or what they are used for! and there is out! you have been warned! giggling manically, she leave the room.


rmartin-justme said...

Ooh! That's lovely! Don't need it, but how cool!

Cassie said...

I agree - very cool... and something to add to my wish list (gee, thanks!) ;D

Sue said...

Those cable necklaces are neat! And did you notice, Darcy's running a blog contest to give away Flat Feet yarn from

Reading your blog is just like talking with you - your wry (and sometimes hilarious) outlook on life comes right through!


Darcy knotty Knitter said...

You are so Hugs Darcy

Angel Sheep said...

ooooh! I want one...and I want to get one for my younger daughter who is a great knitter and yarn addict. Sandy