Tuesday, July 22, 2008

body update

after wending our way 40 miles to pt at mother baylor in a vw which exudes heat and has zero, zip, nada air conditioning, in 100 degree heat, i saw the rehab doc...(a routine thingy).  she's a hoot, but that is beside the point.  our objective is to keep this wreck and paining body going...which i will have to do if they don't find a way to get tables lower as i am still having to climb up on them (at almost 63)! we agree it is time for a new chair as in 10 years they have made lots of improvements (and someone we know has had lots of use from the red jazzy!)!  we also both agree it is time to get me driving again. so what are we going to do about it? she has made orders for me to wheelchair assessment (sept 9) and driving assessment (not scheduled yet). now all i need is a vehicle to put the chair in as i go merry, merrily along (hear the song if you are old enough). there's the rub. i sorta need the second first as that will help me figure what i need and how i need it set up. if i figure the max height of an electric chair, i should be ok to start the vehicle side of the equation...and as far as weight is concerned...they all weigh about the same so i should be good there.  i would so dearly love a chair that goes up and down...up, so i can look people in the eyes straight on...this bit of tilting back my neck all the time has had it consequences...my neck has bulges and spurs that jingle jangle jingle (hear singing again...and i do hope you are a bit more on key than i)! as well it should! i have always been the lowest to the floor! if you saw my 1st grade picture, you would see the shortest kids on the first row...spot me immediately...the only one who's feet do not touch the floor! doc forgot i am only 4'8" now...probably as tall sitting as standing by my electric chair!  ok, enough of this frivolity. have knitting to do before i go to the boarders knitting group tonight! i want to get onto the heels...as in socks. ah, you thought i had abandoned those socks i was moaning about so long ago...no! i have decided the first (these) will have to be for me as there is a questionable amount of yarn...and i have little feet...and have made plenty of mistakes that i would rather not see in those made for sir charles! (the second pair of socks i will make.) this first pair may be rename "my car socks"...as that is where i generally knit them! or "my prayer socks" as i have said lots of prayers that i get them done!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the assessments! September seems like it should be far away, but as a teacher, I am very aware of how quickly September will be here.

I'm so happy to hear about your socks! My first pair are for my feet only, as well. I love them, but not because they are perfect! Just remember: It's not a good idea to knit WHILE driving!