Saturday, June 7, 2008

i just went to marthas vineyard fiber farm

ok, i had to do it thru the web but what fun! go to the farm yourself and see all the critters!  read about the farm...oogle at the about life there...the comments are good too.  (can you tell this excited my fancy?)

on another note, high c (bad joke), one of the tea boxes is on its way from hawaii! (o, this is a tea swap box that travel from knitter to take tea out, you put tea in and send it to the next person on the list).  the first box i am in line for is stuck somewhere.  i am also part of the traveling button has come to me once and i want it to come again!  it was great fun to look at what others put in.  

i got the phone cable so i can attach it to the computer but as it did not slip in easily to the phone, i did not force it...waiting for him, the inhouse engineer, to awake.  he will know if  it is safe to push it harder or not.  (it's saturday morning...he gets to sleep in even if i can't)

cameras:  we went to wolfs yesterday.  they should have better sale on for father's day but sale catalog not out.  i am so confused...i think i want a nikon d60 but then i look at the catalog he gave me and i start to wonder if the olympus or pentax in the same price range would be better. what to do...what to do?

ah, vehicles...THE SATURN TOOK ME TO THE NEUROLOGIST AND THE CAMERA STORE YESTERDAY!  yes, i am screaming!  it runs!  the weird thing is, after riding in the van for 10 years, i feel like my bottom is 3" off the pavement!  ah, but the ac is soooo nice.  i saw the trailer charlie is thinking about and wonder if one of the white boxes would be better.  a box would automatically be covered for weather protection (sitting on a wet seat can be sooo...ucky!).  i am also thinking about donating the van to i can so kids can learn while fixing it up.  it would same money (tax and insurance) but it would leave us with only one vehicle.  but if i the money i would have paid on insurance in a separate account marked car and every time i put paid insurance on the one, i put money i would have paid into a van savings account, maybe in a few years...

knitting:  started two at a time toe up sox on magic loop sox for him this week.  'got in a bit of trouble when i realized the cable was going to be too short.  the easy fix would have been to just knit off to a longer cable with another set of size 4 needles.  problem:  i have only one set of needles.  i do have one 60 in cable.  with much trepidation and procrastination, i did it.  only a bit of confusion in the middle but i did it!  i am very proud of me.  while knitting while waiting for dr, i did a count of stitches again.  suddenly i have one more stitch on one side of one sock than i do on the others.  what to do.  what to do.  leave alone until the morning when you are fresh or figure it out now.  procrastinate! great idea!  so here it is.  morning.  i will count again. if i am still one stitch off, i will frog (rip it out and start over) or as i am still increasing, increase on the other sides but not this one.  hmmmm. at this moment, i think i will opt for the later....but who knows what i will do when i pick up the needles.

charlie:  got saturn running.  fixed sprinkler system (we think). is now working (well, he has to wake up first) on repainting the storm door and frame...both sides.  hmmmm...what honey do next i wonder?  there is the gap under the front door.  the garage would be nice if that was fixed.  do we need a new opener...a new door?  and there is still the fence.  oh and the holes in the wall...he fell into it (don't ask).  and the floors....we have talked about raising the living room floor up and then putting wood floor down in living room, dinning room and hall way. how to pay for any of this...not a clue!  not even sure what we want.  i do know what i would of those walk in bath tubs!  showers are fine but what is would give to be able to soak!  i would stay in until the water got cold and scummy...and then let it out and start over!  it as been sooooo long!  oh, well, i can dream...hmmmm. 

critters:  oscar is curled up between us on the bed.  mysy has gone to the floor (it's cooler). i love watching her play with oscar...imagine, learning to play after 5 years.  they do make me laugh.  and what a joy to watch her starting to be a bit pushy and loping out to great us when we come home!  she is still the biggest chicken in the west when outside or in the car.  her new safe place in the car is behind charlie's seat.  oscar want the back seats to be puts him up where he can see out windows.

he is up and so are the critters so it must be time for breakfast!

tea:  i ... no dogs bought us tea for our anniversary (august 14)...hey, they are dogs!  they just want a long surprise!  anyway, we tried the russian caravan and liked it.  the lemon verbina did not go over a well.  today we are going to try the scottish breakfast blend.  

while he was greeting the dogs, we talked about camera and it will be the nikon d60...i can use all my lens on all my cameras as long as i remember that i have to focus when using the old lens on new camera and new lens on old cameras... so i will have an instant gradification camera and the other to require patients for outcomes.  it will be interesting to compare results.  

they do offer classes but the package comes with nikon school dvds, 2 lenses and bag. i need to add the memory card and a filter i don't have to worry about a flash as it has a popup flash.  

now off to see if they have an on line ad.

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