Tuesday, June 10, 2008

and it died again!

the "fixed" saturn. this time when he was almost home with dinner! but not with the dog.  just with dinner congealing beside him!  and me with some knitting pals blathering on about FOOD! it's a good thing we got him the phone.  mr rescue finally came after a bit more than an hour!  i should have gotten his noodles; they were great cold (he let me taste them). so, it's back to the drawing boards for him.

it was a good day tho...i got one of the tea swap boxes! (i was in line for 2)  i had a good rummage and got it back off within hours of receiving...well, you don't want others to be waiting like i have been waiting on the first of the tea boxes!  i took some stuff and then stuffed it full up again.

o, i did start looking for a clear teapot for showing off flowering teas and i think i found the one i want...the strainer is in the spout.  

i got no, yes, i said it, i got no knitting done yesterday.  for some reason my email was jamming! and truth be told, my back and arms were not helping much either.  i love the rain. my body does not seem to be as happy with it.

have you even tried typing with a dog under your arm?  it is most fun.  especially when oscar keeps trying to put his head on the cat (the little square thing us laptop users used instead of a mouse...history lesson:  the cat was the precursor to the mouse...get it, cat mouse?  see what you learn from 20 years with xerox?).  both of my critters think i am nuts as after i got them playing, i stayed in the game. growling, snarling, sneezing. periodically, mysy would look up at me with mystified eyes....oscar just kept up with the game.

o, camera phone...why no pictures? they sent me the wrong cable connection!   

new camera? sometime this week.

for dog lovers:  sometime i will get a pictures off the phone and onto the computer so you can see oscar in his upside down mode!  back legs are wide apart, front paws are folded over like a bunny. have you  got the picture?  he had been outside to do his thing and come back in (love doggie doors!).  jumped on the bed and went into his head stand mode which means, i'm back, so scratch what you can see of my head and back! and then he rolls onto his back.  i, a well trained human, did as told while continuing to talk to dh.  out of the corner of my eye, something seemed amiss.  so i turned to see...to see what appeared to be a large dried leaf over his private bits!  it really cracked me up!  like a little doggie fig leaf, it was!

enough, i have to call a hundred people or so for this that and the other.

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