Saturday, May 31, 2008

new rule

when you go to reading someone's blog...i am not allowed to read the whole thing...just stick to the current events or the day is half gone and you have knot all!  

vehicle update: down 2 (again).  a friend has lent us a car. dh is trying to fix car but has agreed that if not fixed within a reasonable amount of time (my reason), he will take it up to the saturn people for repair.  (after he "fixes" it this time, i still want him to take it up for a check to make sure all is well.)

i am trying to get another cell phone so he will have one for emergency (like when the saturn quit in south lake!).  the phone will have camera capability so i may finally be able to get some stuff pictures and posted.  (guess who gets the new phone and who gets the old.)

the lamp cover we bought at home depot (and i painted on a bit) is up and working on the porach ... yeah!  the screen door ... well, he's still working on it (over a year now).

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