Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pictures pictures pictures

the top picture is of my grand niece and one of her sons.  i got this moved!!!  
lindsy and eric...i don't have a picture of the other one (boy child) yet.  linds is the daughter of patsy's (big sister) third daughter, leslie.

the other is of my niece and company. well, so what do i do now and how do i get them below my text.  i did it, i got this picture where i want it!  stacy is the adult in the group (patsy's #4 child).
i got them...other pictures i have taken recently...well, some of them, out of camera and onto disk.  major accomplishment!  my next task was to get them into and out of flicker.

did that. 

i spent most of last night getting 2 (the only ones so far) of my stash from there (flicker) into ravelry (pant, pant). 

now for my next trick (listen for the drum roll)...get pictures in here!  but first (no, not a message from our sponsers) a disclaimer:  

i will not tout these as my best...they were taken with those little throw away camera as they were all i had at the time...film is 35mm. (pause while i try to get pictures in.)

rats!  i keep trying to get them in and they keep showing up on top as one of those little blue boxes!  back to the drawing board! will go back to my experts in ravelry and see if they can help...lord knows i know all the help i can get.

can you tell i edited this posting?  it was a test to see if i had learned how to manipulate the pictures after learning (hopefully) some new tricks...and i did it!

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