Thursday, April 24, 2008

I wish you could go to my bookmarks!

i have started a new folder for favorite blogs. there i have captured some of my favorites...interesting folks who write well about stuff...of course yarns and patterns that they dye or invent but other stuff of interest...teas and flowers and vistas...i've had teas from all over the world...seen the beginning of spring in from everywhere! shared laughter from the still thawing northern united states, great britian, both coasts of the states, germany, and korea.

what a wonder filled time i am having and way too much to take you as an escort. it's so grand to find others who know rainbows require watching...who sometimes capture them in the dyes of yarn or the patterned projects.

(hear a deep sigh.) i gotta go now. sorry!

i have things to knit which cannot be done if i am talking to you or reading what you or others are writing...i really do need more hands!

oh, oh, oh...i have found one way...podcasting...i can listen and do things with my hands at the same time! technology can be grand!


updates: van down. saturn down. charlie comes in blackened nightly...god bless his tenasity but could they both hurry with functionality! i dislike that i will have to be pushed around a lot (motorized chairs can be so speedy and i so independant) but am even more disturbed being house bound! no one will get to see the snowball trees or texas natives in bloom! and i want a digital camera! and OUT OF HERE!

ok, i'll go quietly.

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