Monday, April 7, 2008

As Shirley Temple said "Oh my goodness!"

DFW Fiberfest was wonderful!

and i didn't even attend any classes! the first day i went around (and i am so glad that this is only the third year) just stopping and looking and meeting people (glad because it is still small enough to get around). i had decided ahead of time that i would not take any classes as this was my first year. i just wanted to find out what it was all about and see all there is to see.

i was pretty good about not spending...but it was such a good deal (a hand knit gray shawl for $55)! and i made a new friend as a result (she had first dibbies on the shawl)! the next day i did spend money but not on everything (a springtime yarn feast and some yummy brooks farm yarn to make 2 shawls) i wanted to buy. and yesterday, i did buy the last...well, of course i did. it was a sort of light green foamy ocean color, a blended wool and silk. it was the last day!

but, lordie love a duck, did i meet so many people. People i want to keep as friends and see again in person...even if it does mean i have to wait til next year! and i will be back next year!

I almost forgot about my new's an on the go row counter! you can use it to count up to 100 before you have to start over. is that cool or what??? i just had to get 3...and make a friend of the designer...well, you know i'll have to buy more in the future...get real!

any, any of you locals who did not go this year, have never been before, plan to next year!

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jpirkle said...

This was actually the third year. I went year before last. I couldn't go this year. Let me know if you are going next year. I can plan ahead and go. I stay at one of my sons and come over each day. Then I don't have the hotel expense. They live near George Bush Fwy. and Preston.