Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How do you know if it is Election day in Texas?

Easy! Every two minutes you have people calling from the candidates or their supporters requesting your vote! And making sure you will caucus. Texas has both primary and caucus voting...so I get to vote twice. Now the other candidates for other offices are calling!!! Don't they know I have stuff to do?

Subject change: Don't try doing more than two things at a time with a huge cup of fresh hot coco! The resulting scream hurts DH's ears, the dog steals your scone, and the resulting red burn marks on you thumb, belly and thighs from the spill makes one very unhappy (dog not fazed as he liked my scone)! Nooooo, I was not trying to knit at the same time...yarn was safe.

I think I might be better served by giving up the knitting for the day and watch my EZ Glossary until it runs out or it is time to go caucus, come home and watch the results.

'Nah...so I keep goofing up...one learns from mistakes and mishaps. Right?

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