Sunday, May 16, 2010

Maybe I am really 2!

You a 2 yo picks up one thing and then some something else with another and then finds a third thing so must put something down in order to pic up third thing. Well, that's me. I read/write my email, FaceBook, Twitter, and next thing you know time has flown! And I can't go to my book until I finish my reviews! So here's the plan...think else until I am caught up on reviews!

Wonder site, Sweeps4Bloggers' , randomizer picked me to win a $25 gift certificate from EcostoreUSA Ecostore! This is really exciting as I really enjoyed my last winning there. I spent it on their HE laundry soap (front loader washing machine)Natural high performance laundry powder from Ecostore USA and oxygen additive. I was impressed but when shockingly so when dh noticed a difference!!! Products that is eco friendly and dh notices is effective! that is a really, really good thing! I can't wait to figure out what to get next!!!
You can visit Sweeps4Bloggers here and EcoStore USA here. Do check  them both out! (Both are on Twitter and FaceBook. O, and have great follower response!)

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Anonymous said...

Finally figured out what I wanted! I ordered the Toilet Cleaner, Dishwash Liquid and Lemon Rinse Aid.