Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let them eat cake!

Finally it was my opportunity! I finally won a give away to try one of Bake Me A Wish! cakes! (I tried to win one from ever so long a time!) It was at Leslie Loves Veggies to reach my desire!  The one I won was the Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake. Joy in my heart! I love chocolate! It arrived safe and sound to my door.  Finally came the time to try it. Awwww heavenly look and smell! The taste? Moist! Rich! Chocolate! HEAVEN!! All was perfect! Weeeeelll, not quite. It was quite crumbly. That was my only critique which, for someone most into the highlights, is not a big deal. 
But you go look and see which cake (and there are several) you want to taste...or send to someone overseas or has newly gone off to college. 
I do so thank both Leslie and Bake Me A Wish!.
Leslie has a wonderful site with tons of giveaways of great variety. If you don't believe me, go to her site and check it out for yourself.
WARNING: Viewing could be hazardous to your diet!

Red Velvet Chocolate Cake
Carrot Cake

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