Sunday, May 16, 2010

Book Winner

I've not read them yet but, from JENS BOOK TALK, I won two books that I am most ashamed to say, have not wiggled out of the 'to be read list'!  Before I go any further, I just have to tell you, my New Year's resolution was to acknowledge I do not have to respond to every posting I read on every blog I follow (if I want to have time for other stuff). Jen's blog is one I read often. She writes good, honest reviews! and has some really good book giveaways! Check her out by clicking on her highlighted blog name!

These are the books I won.    

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GFDesignz said...

awww thank you hon! I have been a bit under the weather here lately and gotten behind on my reviews and blogging but you made my day! And g/f dont be upset over books still on your TBR list! Gosh I have shelves and boxes full I still want to get read! {{Big Huggers and Loves}}