Thursday, August 12, 2010

Are we ever going to catch up?

My 91 yo mom and I have discussed this and neither of us can understand it! It's 2010! We are fighting and losing solders that we desperately need. Yet we are one of the few countries in the 'free world' that do not think that men and women of commitment to our country, their country, should be allowed or remain in the army if they are homosexual?! Is there anyone today that has not met and/or become friends with someone who is gay? Does it make a difference? Maybe that bible school song, 'red or yellow, black or white, they are precious in this site, Jesus loves the children of the world" should also include homosexuals! 


Anonymous said...

The answer is no, we won't. Look back in history and this is but normal human behavior. I've never understood the dislike of people who are different. Guess it's because I have always been different too.


well, then, we must be sisters because i've never understood it either. but sometime, well, it just gets to me!